Welcome and reflect

Today recognizes the first edition of Ice the knees, Ice the 3’s.  This blog is dedicated to basketball fans far and wide.  However, we will not waste our time talking college hoops.  We have one intention and one intention only…spurring NBA basketball knowledge and opinion.

Hopefully, our viewers use this as an opportunity to not only expand their knowledge, but also drop some stats on us.   The inspiration is a similar story that  you fans can recognize.  Casey and I were sitting around, calling each other out on ridiculous statistical claims ranging from terrible Chicago Bulls draft choices to whether The Dream Team could defeat the Redeem Team.  Finally, we decided that the beauty of our conversations truly develop with the aid of other opinions.

So, with that said, here we are.  We hope you enjoy.  Let the opinions fly.  And most of all, this blog is for you.  Help us keep it alive and make it a winner.  I leave you with some knowledge from Stephen Jackson on winning.

“Just say I’m from Somalia and I need food.”

Casey and JonJon


One Response to “Welcome and reflect”

  1. Daniel Surprenant Says:

    Hey Jon pretty sure I can get you a deke jeresey.

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