Hair Today-Gone Tomorrow

Let’s be honest.  We are all internet junkies.  Not only do we choose to surf the web “on the reg”, we also have a ridiculous obsession with sports.  ESPN has taught us that if we habitually seek updates from what Dan Patrick refers to as “the mothership” then we will never be disappointed.  Honestly, how frustrated are you when you check every half hour and it is the same ol’ crap on there? 

When we check the headlines we are looking for the most ridiculous news we can find.  We are at the point where player robberies and choking coaches are nothing new.  Coaches across America can thank Latrell Sprewell for putting his mitts on PJ back in Golden State, because now the roles have been reversed.

I like to compare our daily dose of desired drama to living in my town.  Sure, we all get the newspaper, but what is the first thing we usually do when we open up that beast filled with stories on war heroes reuniting and crop devastation?  We turn to the blotter to see who robbed, shot, boozed and loss and even got a little too touchy with the ol’ ball and chain.  We have to be filled with the daily grind of other’s misfortunes.  Nothing makes us feel better about ourselves than knowing someone robbed Seven Eleven and slipped on the mopped floor knocking themselves unconscious, only to wake up in cuffs.   It is the same with our sports.  I log on the net daily hoping to read something like “Candace Parker actually a man” or “Greg Maddux  shit on teammates on team bus”. 

Well sports fans, we are not going to talk about the standard.  Today we reach out to something off the regular track.  A topic that most do not discuss sober.  We are talking hair.

This post is something that has been on my mind for a while and completely random.  I want to talk about the baller known as D-I-R-T-Y.  Dirk Nowitzki.  Recently, if you heard, Dirk took a trip to the local barber and “got his hur did”.  As basketball fans, we can only assume that by all-star time in a few weeks, those flowing locks will be bouncing off his shoulders again. 

Honestly, has anyone ever witnessed someone grow hair faster than the German?  The guy grows hair faster than Tim Allen in The Santa Claus.  My take on the million dollar movie…Dirk was their first choice but he was too tall and the reindeer don’t trust anyone who grew up with the metric system.

Regardless, not only is the guy a rock star in Cubanland, he has also stepped up the hair scenario.  Call me crazy, but the moment Drew Gooden came to town, Dirk knew he had to step his game up.  Let’s take a look shall we.

Welcome to the League:

A young, wet-behind-the-ears Dirk.  Going with the Zack Morris college years look.  Check out that fresh bling in the ear. 

The Standard:

This is the Dirk we all know, and if you are like me…learning to love.  This is the standard look when DIRTY hits the office and goes to work.  Granted, it looks like he is rocking George Washington’s wooden false teeth, but that’s for another day.


What do you do when you take a trip overseas to find inner peace and your game goes down the tubes to start the season?  Answer=get a headband.  Dirk stepped up the flash and threw on the sweat-piece when times were tough.  Not to mention Drew Gooden joins the roster looking like an extra from Bloodsport and Kickboxer.

Global Game:

Nothing says I love representing Germany in the Olympics like some rings that look branded on your head.  The only way this fad catches on is if Chris Kaman jumps on board after shedding his serial killer look.

All American Boy?

Nothing says Johnny Unitas, 1970’s football and America like a fresh buzz cut.  For you Dirk fans, have no fear, because next week it will be back to normal: long, full, voluptuous and splashing along his neckline like the net after he drains another ridiculous shot. 

Once again, just something that has been on my mind lately.

With that said, I want to hear what you guys want to talk about.  What is on your mind?  I guess you could say this is our FUBU, if you will.  So let’s have some comments and get the ball rolling.

Casey and JonJon


4 Responses to “Hair Today-Gone Tomorrow”

  1. Mark Says:

    While Dirk has displayed a wide array of hair styles over his prominent career, I consider myself a modern day Michael Wilbon and a student of men’s hair. Therefore, if anyone in the NBA should have a piece written about them covering their hair styles over the years, it should be none other than the Birdman.

    The “clean” look, at the early stages of his career.

    During the drug suspension days when the Bird didn’t give a F about anything.

    Bird has always had a thing for using way too much gel.

    The now famous “mohawk”, which at times appears to be a combination of a mullet and a mohawk.

  2. JA Says:

    I had an incredible Scott Pollard pic but couldnt get it posted. Talk about a trend setter. Scott merely passed down his hair and facial wisdoms on down to drew. Jayhawk to Jayhawk

  3. Daniel Surprenant Says:

    I must say great job on this guys had me cracking up from the very beginning.

  4. DH Says:

    Hey guys, first time reader, first time poster! Gotta give ya props for this blog and for the Dirk props! From someone who lives in the suburbs of Dallas, certain topics have been brought up as Dirk reached the 20,000 point total this past week and am curious to hear your thoughts. Obviously, Dirk doesn’t have the pub like D Wade, Kobe, LBJ, etc., but should he be? That’s what’s been discussed down here in the media. The three main questions were as follows:

    1. Is Dirk worthy of being mentioned with greats like Kobe?

    2. Is Dirk a future Hall of Famer?

    3. Who has had a better career….Dirk or Iverson?

    I’m interested in what you guys think….I’ll submit my comment now and and listen to your thoughts!

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