Don’t Be a Dirk

After a short sabbatical to take in the finer things in life such as WWE Raw in Champaign and the recent investment of Modern Warfare 2, we are back.

Today’s blog is geared  towards answering some earlier questions and tapping into the regular discussion in the Chicagoland area…in Vinny Del Negro we trust?

However, first things first.  A few weeks ago we tapped in the greater side of Dirk and his golden locks.  With that spurred a few questions from new reader Dave:

From someone who lives in the suburbs of Dallas, certain topics have been brought up as Dirk reached the 20,000 point total this past week and am curious to hear your thoughts. Obviously, Dirk doesn’t have the pub like D Wade, Kobe, LBJ, etc., but should he be? That’s what’s been discussed down here in the media. The three main questions were as follows:

1. Is Dirk worthy of being mentioned with greats like Kobe?

2. Is Dirk a future Hall of Famer?

3. Who has had a better career….Dirk or Iverson?

As far as Dirk being mentioned with greats like Kobe, I think it is fair to say that to the average NBA fan, he has no chance.  In a world of Nike puppets, shoe endorsements, fast food and soft drink commercials, Dirk gets lost in translation.  However, to the avid NBA fan, Dirk has to be considered one of the top 10 players in the league without a doubt.  I pose this question to you the reader.  Take a look at the Dallas Mavericks since Dirk has been in town and dabble at his impact.  Or, you could let me help you.

Aside from Dirk’s first full season in Dallas which was the 1999-2000, the Mavs have never won less than 50 games.  Until his arrival…1987-88.  Like Sheed says, “Ball don’t lie”.

Wrap your mind around the German being the Mavs all time leader in:

Points, rebounds, free throws attempted, free throws made, field goals attempted, field goals made, minutes, games played, 3-point field goals made, 3-point field goals attempted.  Not to mention he is a close second in steals and blocks.  Throw in seven consecutive all-star appearances, a league MVP and All-NBA honors every year and we are talking baller status.

So, there you have it folks.  The numbers speak for themselves.  I guess that would answer the first two questions.  In the grand scheme of the league, Dirk is fantastic for the league.  Because he doesn’t get picked up for a DUI or attend huge golf outings, we often sleep on his game, but the guy is a beast.  He has to be considered part of the upper echelon of league icons and definitely a future HOF.  In a world of free agency, salary arbitration and signing bonuses, Dirk has been a staple for the Dallas faithful.  He has mentioned many times he loves playing for Mark Cuban and loves the city.  He is a loyal member of the organization, and I hope for Mavericks fans that he is a staple for years to come.

Casey and JonJon


4 Responses to “Don’t Be a Dirk”

  1. Daniel Surprenant Says:

    Right on Jon Dirk has one of the purest shots for such a big man. He shoots better then most smaller guys. That picture is classic man.

  2. K-Lew Says:

    “In the grand scheme of the league, Dirk is fantastic for the league.”

    And by this you mean, he likes to date and subsequently engage “ladies of the night” who have already been run train on by former NBAers”? Well, in that case, a poster child! Foreigners always get sucked into the ways of our vindictive women! So do I but that’s a different story.

  3. Lost in the Bend Says:

    Ever since reading this blog, I know so much more about the NBA! Unfortunately, if you’re going to give credence to readers like “Dave from Dallas” this whole thing’s gonna be in the toilet soon.

    Anyway, I want some posts about Craig Shirley and his opinions on Haiti. And how about an expose on NBA players and strip-clubs. That’s what this blog needs… Strippers.

  4. JA Says:

    Here are a few classic and heated debates I would like to get into.

    1) Which college has produced the best NBA ballers? (i realize this delves into college basketball a bit but it mainly has to do with NBA stats and opinions)

    2) Which city has produced the best NBA ballers?

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